Whether the constant buzz regarding the millennial generation can highlight some positive and negative qualities, one trend that does not seem to be going away anytime soon is the overall demand for a certain level of corporate responsibility. As a result of the technological advancements in the past ten years or so, the deep-rooted interconnectedness that has developed from mobile devices, tablets or iPads has created an environment in which information is more accessible.

According to some key points from a global consumer report, roughly 91% of millennial employees reaffirm that they would be more likely to change employment at a company that is associated with a charitable cause. Another important statistic shows that around 96% of these same employees perceive the companies in a more positive light, and 94% even stating that they would be more inclined to trust the brand.

Soon to be 50% of the workforce, it’s becoming more difficult to not recognize the importance of the millennial generation as a driving force in the market. Many studies show that millennials’ demand of concepts such as corporate responsibility in relation to the company they work for, is a key component that indicates employee satisfaction. Unlike other generations, the Millennials make it clear that they pride themselves on working for companies or organizations that are actively giving back to the community.

Companies engage with a specific philanthropic cause that is relevant to their employees also directly creates positive branding on their behalf. Social media activity such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. can increase the reach of your cause while also broadening the framework of your brand as a positive, forward-thinking company that cares about certain issues.

One way to successfully drive interaction with social media is to donate a specific dollar amount to a cause every time someone tweets, shares a photo or retweets an event relating to an organization’s upcoming events. In turn, this positive social media activity on behalf of your brand actually strengthens support in terms your current employee base while also creating potential press coverage.