Similar to any recreational activity or sport that requires a certain level of teamwork, collaboration is a key element to successfully reducing issues such as poverty and disease. It is important for people to come together in order to tackle issues like these which don’t necessarily have to be global situations occurring thousands of miles away in the outskirts of New Delhi or Cairo.

Just like developing nations, the U.S. face challenges that could be happening in right in your backyard and as a member of the community it is essential to contribute in order to shape the environment in which you reside. Although there are polarizing opinions regarding social duties of businesses to engage in charitable work, here are some notable startup companies from Sitepoint that have taken the right step to improve communities around the world.


The mobile service business has adopted a charitable approach from shoe giant Tom’s as a means to spread social good on both domestic and global levels. Essentially, when a customer enrolls in a mobile service, the startup donates a smartphone to a less fortunate individual in order for them to stay connected. In this sense, these individuals are able to interact with different social communities in order to find employment opportunities or simply enroll in an academic course.


The Bstow app is basically changing the way people not only purchase goods because it offers a type of centralization that allows people to choose and donate to charities in one space. After linking the app to your bank account, the mobile app gives the option to round up any of your transactions to the nearest dollar and donate the remainder to any charity of your choice.


For consumers interested in purchasing locally crafted goods from countries around the world, Enrou provides a way to financially support people from developing nations to engage in international business. As a philanthropic company in nature, Enrou is an online content marketplace that allows people to purchase different items created by individuals in developing communities, while also providing education about micro-finance and navigating the job market.